Girls Night Out: The French Laundry

What an unforgettable girls night out.

My friends and I had a lovely dinner at The French Laundry in Yountville, California.

We ate the most delicious food from the 12-course menu below.

After our 3 hour dinner, we were given a tour of the wine cellar and the kitchen, where we had our picture taken with the owner Thomas Keller.

The staff was absolutely amazing they exceeded all of our expectations.

It was truly a wonderful experience.

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2 thoughts on “Girls Night Out: The French Laundry”

  1. I’m actually jealous! I’ve always wanted to go there among a few other places in a similar league. I’m sure I will someday but I’ll have to make some friends first otherwise it’d be quite uncomfortable. Haha! I have a couple of Thomas Keller’s cookbooks but I haven’t attempted many recipes from them. One of these days I’ll have to start at page one and just work my way through.

    You looked very elegant, it’s always interesting to put a face to the writing. 🙂 What was your favorite plate?

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    1. Thank you, Brian. My favorite dish was the Foie Gras and the desserts. That is awesome that you have his cookbooks. I bet it has so many delicious recipes in it. I hope you have a chance to go one of these days.

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