My Favorite Things

The picture shows my favorite color palette:

My favorite smells:

I love the smell of fresh-cut grass, oak and pines trees, leather, coffee, campfire and the smell of clean linens.

My favorite joke:

Do you know why 6 is afraid of 7?

Because 7 ate 9.

My favorite love song:

I enjoy listening to love songs and currently my favorite love song is Lady, by Kenny Rogers.

Please share your favorite love song, scent, joke or color in the comment section.

Author: Forever Serene

I write about life, poems, narcissists and trying new things. Currently, I am taking a break from blogging. I am busy trying new things and living my life.

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Things”

  1. I love the smell of bookstores the way the books and coffee smells mix. I love Camila Cabello’s song “This Love.” I love all shades of green. I love the impatient cow joke!

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  2. Well you can’t share pictures in comments here so all I can say is my favorite palette is Earth tone-ish! That’s how I’ve done my room anyway. I love a good perfume… maybe because it’s been so long since I’ve smelled one. Lol.

    Favorite song??? Impossible question for a music freak like me to answer. Haha. I guess right now it’d be “Lose Control” by Meduza.

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