How To Increase Your Views Using A WordPress Stalker

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Have you ever wondered how to increase your views without posting anything new?

Well, this is how I did it.

1. Write a blog post about an affair with a narcissist sociopath. See the following example: The Truth: An Emotional Affair with The Narcissist Part 1-5. This can be a work of fiction or you can actually go out and find a narcissist sociopath and have an emotional affair.

2. Don’t name any names. Narcissists always think everything is about them. So you may gain several narcissists thinking you are talking about them.

3. Some people will share your story on their social media and call out the narcissist by name. Even though you were extra careful not to name drop. Hello, Mr. Narc, your victim is over there talking about you.

4. If you want to make the stalker squirm follow up with some additional posts just to poke at it any of the following would be appropriate:

Part Six: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Dear Stalker

Coming soon: Dirty Little Secrets Exposed

Not My Fault You Started It

Chasing the Narcissist

White Knight: The Things He Said

Permission Denied: Closure Granted

5. Then just sit back and watch the views comes in.

6. I changed my URL twice and all this does is slow the stalker down temporary. It manages to find a way back.

7. I even tested my findings by creating a dummy account where I reblogged my original post and sure enough the stalker took the bait and started stalking that account as well.

I received over 1000 views since mid-July just from this one stalker. Over 1000 views, I love my number one fan, I mean stalker.

Unfortunately, the topic/story of interest has come to an end as I have already posted the final chapter and soon the stalker will grow weary and boredom will strike. And the stalker will slide into the #2 spot and eventually it will slink away and my numbers will dwindle back down.

The good news is that the only views that really count are the views from my real followers.

However, I have to admit that I found it very amusing.

The screenshot below shows how many views for the month of September from this one stalker.

My stalker can be your stalker if you follow the easy steps above. Act now this is a limited time offer.

Results may vary.

Author: Forever Serene

I write about life, poems, narcissists and trying new things. Currently, I am taking a break from blogging. I am busy trying new things and living my life.

10 thoughts on “How To Increase Your Views Using A WordPress Stalker”

      1. Lol…
        I just read this Bible Verse:
        Mathew 7:6
        “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

        So, God wants us to love everyone, but to definitely know our boundaries, and be safe.

        I love the verse about being as “wise as serpents, but as innocent as doves”.

        The Bible teaches me everything I need to know. I just need to remember this!

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