My Paint Night Adventure

Photos provided by Pexels

Last night I decided to go out and experience paint night. It was my first time.

The instructor’s name was Ron.

Instructor Ron guided us through the process. He told us which colors to use and which paint brush.

At one point, I glanced around the room and noticed that some women didn’t follow the instructions they painted their sky green or purple. I could see that some were very talented, obviously not their first time.

At the end of the class Instructor, Ron walked around and gave feedback on our paintings.

He looked at mine, paused and then said you did exactly what I asked you to do. Very good.

And I reflected on his words. So true, that is what I always do. I follow the instructions or directions. I take the order and obey. I do what I am told. There wasn’t any thinking outside of the box or doing what I wanted. Instead I waited patiently for the next command like a dog. While some of the others in the class chose their own colors and did their own thing.

It made think. There wasn’t any right or wrong way to do it. Some people just added their own unique colors. Maybe next time I will try to add my own color.

Author: Forever Serene

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