Adversity and the Narcissist!


How the victims of narcissist abuse handle adversity reminds me of a motivational story about an egg, a carrot, and the coffee beans.

The egg, carrot and coffee bean were all placed in boiling water (adversity).

The empath that is like the egg goes into the relationship fragile and come out hardened.

The empath that is like the carrot goes in hard and strong. They end up weakened and turn to mush and fall apart in the face of adversity.

Then there is the empath that is like the coffee bean. The coffee bean doesn’t change for the worst instead the coffee bean changes its environment, changes the water, and spreads its aroma through the air that affects everyone around them.

This empath shares their story with others.

Don’t be the carrot or the egg, be the coffee bean and spread the aroma.


To read the full story on the Egg, the Carrot and the Coffee Bean- author unknown visit


Author: Forever Serene

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