What is in your handbag?

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What is in your handbag?

Oh boy. Here we go. 

Let me tell you what is not in my handbag and will never be in my handbag. DILDOS.

That’s right you see I was a teenage mom. And a woman came to my school, a school for pregnant teenage girls and she donated some toys. Along with the toys she left behind a handbag and inside it was full of DILDOS. 

The teachers were tickled by the absurdity of the situation. A handbag full of Dildos for a bunch of pregnant teenage girls, a little to late for that. 

The teachers laughed, tears rolling down their faces as the fanned themselves. They made fun of the lady’s looks and demeanor.  

Then suddenly the lady that made the donation came back. She wasn’t donating her purse. She forgot it by accident. 

The relief flooded over the teacher’s faces. But not mine. I felt a sadness, humiliation, and anger because that woman was my mom.

Author: Forever Serene

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